Feet on the Ground

Feet On The Ground
Studio album by APO Hiking Society
Released 1984
Genre Original Pilipino Music, Filipino Rock, Pop
Label Universal Records, Philippines
APO Hiking Society chronology
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Feet On The Ground
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Feet On The Ground is the seventh studio album of the Filipino trio Apo Hiking Society. It's an 11-track album released in 1984 under Universal Records.

Track listing

  1. Hitting The Big Time (4:39)
  2. Goodtime (4:15)
  3. Oh My Love (3:48)
  4. Yes This Is The Right (4:06)
  5. Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers (4:23)
  6. Anna (3:16)
  7. A New Thing In My Life (3:27)
  8. I'm The Real Thing (4:17)
  9. Love Is Not Enough (2:38)
  10. Come To Me (3:23)
  11. Prisoner's Lament (4:13)

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