Fețele Albe Dacian fortress

Fețele Albe Dacian fortress
Shown within Romania
Location Dealul Muncelului, Grădiștea de Munte, Hunedoara, Romania
Coordinates 45°37′34″N 23°16′48″E / 45.62611°N 23.28000°E / 45.62611; 23.28000Coordinates: 45°37′34″N 23°16′48″E / 45.62611°N 23.28000°E / 45.62611; 23.28000
Events Trajan's Dacian Wars
Site notes
Excavation dates 1969 [1]
  • Ioan Glodariu [1]
  • Hadrian Daicoviciu [1]
Condition Ruined
Reference no. HD-I-s-A-03196 [2]

Feţele Albe is a Dacian fortified settlement on the southern side of Muncelului Hill, situated north of Sarmizegetusa Regia, separated from it by a sharp declivity. Along with numerous walls and resulting terraces, the site contained a sanctuary with circular stone pillars on the third terrace.[3] The settlement was destroyed during the First Dacian War, rebuilt and again destroyed by fire by Trajan's army during the Second Dacian War in 106 CE.[1][3] The Romans then built a military camp (castrum) on the site.[3]


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