Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park

Fawkner Memorial Park
Established 1906
Location Hadfield, Victoria
Country Australia
Coordinates 37°42′43″S 144°57′26″E / 37.71194°S 144.95722°E / -37.71194; 144.95722Coordinates: 37°42′43″S 144°57′26″E / 37.71194°S 144.95722°E / -37.71194; 144.95722
Size 282 acres (114 ha)
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Fawkner Memorial Park is located in the north-western Melbourne suburb of Hadfield, Victoria close to Fawkner, Victoria, Australia. It is the largest cemetery by land size in the state.


In 1906, the Municipal Cemetery, Fawkner (as it was then called) opened to meet the needs of the north west. The cemetery was designed and run by Charles Heath, a surveyor and architect. The first burial took place on 10 December 1906. This was considered to be the unofficial opening of the cemetery. The funeral was conducted by John Allison from Sydney Road. The cemetery was adjacent to Fawkner railway station on the Upfield line, with special trains carrying the deceased to the cemetery from 1906 to 1939.[1]


They operate over multiple cemetery sites. The fourth site, Plenty Valley Memorial Park is yet to be established:

Coburg Pine Ridge - Est 1856 - 10 hectares (25 acres)

Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park - Est 1906 - 113 hectares (282 acres)

Northern Memorial Park - Est 1986 - 94 hectares (235 acres)

Plenty Valley Memorial Park - Yet to be established - 83 hectares (208 acres)

Together, the four memorial parks total an area of 300 hectares or 750 acres (3.0 km2) of land.

Management has since been reorganised as the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.[2]

Notable burials

War Graves

Fawkner Memorial Park contains the war graves of 173 Commonwealth service personnel from World War I and World War II.[3]

In addition Fawkner Crematorium has a Commonwealth War Graves Commission memorial to 28 Australian service personnel of World War II - 23 soldiers, 4 airmen and one naval officer - who were cremated there.[4]


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