Fathullah Imad-ul-Mulk

Fathullah Imad-ul-mulk
1st Sultan of the Berar Sultanate
Reign 1490–1504
Predecessor n/a
Successor Aladdin Imad Shah
Died 1504
Dynasty Imad Shahi Dynasty
Religion Islam

Fathullah Imad-ul-mulk was the founder of the Imad Shahi Dynasty and the Berar Sultanate.


Fathullah was born a Kanarese Hindu, but was captured as a boy by Bahmani forces on an expedition against the Vijayanagara empire and reared as a Muslim. He served the Bahmani Sultans in Bidar. Through the influence of Mahmud Gavan, he achieved the rank of officer in command of the forces (Sarlaskar) of Berar and received the title Imad-ul-mulk.[1]

Shortly after Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah I declared independence for the Ahmadnagar Sultanate in 1490, Fathullah Imad-ul-mulk declared himself Sultan of Berar. He set up his capital in Achalpur and proceeded to annex Mahur to his new kingdom. He also fortified Gavilgad and Narnala. He was succeeded by his eldest son Aladdin Imad Shah.


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Preceded by
Berar sultanate
Succeeded by
Aladdin Imad Shah


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