Fargesia nitida
Münster Botanical Gardens, Germany
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Bambusoideae
Supertribe: Bambusodae
Tribe: Bambuseae
Subtribe: Arundinariinae
Genus: Fargesia
Type species
Fargesia spathacea

Fargesia is a genus of Asian bamboo in the grass family.[2] They are native primarily to China, with a few species in Vietnam and in the eastern Himalayas.[3] Some species are cultivated as ornamentals, with common names include umbrella bamboo and fountain bamboo.[4][5]

They are medium to small mountain clumping bamboos, native to alpine conifer forests of East Asia, from China south to Vietnam and west to the eastern slopes of the Himalayas. They are known in Chinese as jian zhu (Chinese: ; pinyin: jiànzhú), meaning "arrow bamboo".

The scientific name was given in honour of the French missionary and amateur botanist Père Paul Guillaume Farges (1844–1912).

Fargesias are some of the world's hardiest bamboos, but they do not spread vigorously. Common bamboos in the genus Fargesia are essential foods for giant pandas, and the recent flowering of Fargesia nitida has had a devastating effect on panda populations.

Because fargesias are becoming more well known for their thick clumping habits, they have become cheaper and available at many nurseries.


There are currently about 80-90 recognised species, but morphological and genetic analysis suggest transferring many of these to the genera Thamnocalamus, Yushania and Borinda. Others are still of unknown relationship.[6]

accepted species[7]
  1. Fargesia acuticontracta
  2. Fargesia adpressa
  3. Fargesia albocerea
  4. Fargesia altior
  5. Fargesia brevipes
  6. Fargesia brevissima
  7. Fargesia brevistipedis
  8. Fargesia caduca
  9. Fargesia canaliculata
  10. Fargesia circinata
  11. Fargesia communis
  12. Fargesia concinna
  13. Fargesia conferta
  14. Fargesia contracta
  15. Fargesia cuspidata
  16. Fargesia declivis
  17. Fargesia decurvata
  18. Fargesia denudata
  19. Fargesia dracocephala
  20. Fargesia dulcicula
  21. Fargesia dura
  22. Fargesia edulis
  23. Fargesia exposita
  24. Fargesia extensa
  25. Fargesia fansipanensis
  26. Fargesia farcta
  27. Fargesia ferax
  28. Fargesia frigidis
  29. Fargesia fungosa
  30. Fargesia funiushanensis
  31. Fargesia glabrifolia
  32. Fargesia gongshanensis
  33. Fargesia grossa
  34. Fargesia hackelii
  35. Fargesia hainanensis
  36. Fargesia hsuehiana
  37. Fargesia hygrophila
  38. Fargesia incrassata
  39. Fargesia jiulongensis
  40. Fargesia lincangensis
  41. Fargesia longiuscula
  42. Fargesia lushuiensis
  43. Fargesia macclureana
  44. Fargesia mairei
  45. Fargesia mali
  46. Fargesia melanostachys
  47. Fargesia murielae
  48. Fargesia nitida
  49. Fargesia nujiangensis
  50. Fargesia obliqua
  51. Fargesia orbiculata
  52. Fargesia ostrina
  53. Fargesia papyrifera
  54. Fargesia pauciflora
  55. Fargesia perlonga
  56. Fargesia pleniculmis
  57. Fargesia plurisetosa
  58. Fargesia porphyrea
  59. Fargesia praecipua
  60. Fargesia qinlingensis
  61. Fargesia robusta
  62. Fargesia rufa
  63. Fargesia sagittatinea
  64. Fargesia scabrida
  65. Fargesia semicoriacea
  66. Fargesia similaris
  67. Fargesia solida
  68. Fargesia spathacea
  69. Fargesia stenoclada
  70. Fargesia strigosa
  71. Fargesia subflexuosa
  72. Fargesia sylvestris
  73. Fargesia tenuilignea
  74. Fargesia ungulata
  75. Fargesia utilis
  76. Fargesia vicina
  77. Fargesia wuliangshanensis
  78. Fargesia yajiangensis
  79. Fargesia yuanjiangensis
  80. Fargesia yulongshanensis
  81. Fargesia yunnanensis
  82. Fargesia zayuensis


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