Faded Melody

Faded Melody
Directed by Viktor Tourjansky
Produced by Ulrich Mohrbutter
Written by Emil Burri
Starring Brigitte Horney
Willy Birgel
Carl Raddatz
Hans Brausewetter
Music by Marta Linz
Cinematography Günther Rittau
Edited by Walter Fredersdorf
Distributed by UFA
Release dates
17 April 1938
Running time
98 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Faded Melody (German:Verklungene Melodie) is a 1938 German drama film directed by Viktor Tourjansky and starring Brigitte Horney, Willy Birgel and Carl Raddatz.[1] Horney and Birgel play characters engaged in a troubled transatlantic romance, with she based in New York City and he in Berlin. The film was made by Germany's largest studio of the era UFA.

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