FK Mladost Podgorica

FK Mladost Podgorica
Full name Fudbalski Klub Mladost Podgorica
Nickname(s) Romantičari (Romanticists), Crveni (Reds)
Short name MLA
Founded 1950 (1950)
Ground FK Mladost (at FSCG Training Camp)
Podgorica, Montenegro
Ground Capacity 2,000
Chairman Momčilo Vujošević
Manager Nikola Rakojević
League First League
2015–16 1st
Website Club home page

FK Mladost Podgorica (Montenegrin Cyrillic: ФК Младост Подгорица; pronounced [mlâdoːst pǒdɡorit͡sa]) is a professional football club based in Podgorica, Montenegro. Founded in 1950, they play in the First League of Montenegro.


FK Mladost were formed in Titograd in 1950, before changing their name to OFK Titograd in 1960. The club renamed themselves back to Mladost in 1992. Until 2008, and moving to their new stadium on Ćemovsko polje, it was the only club from old Podgorica Town (Drač neighbourhood).

Most of their seasons during the SFR Yugoslavia era, Mladost spent in Yugoslav Second League and in the Third Republic League – Montenegro. After the SFR Yugoslavia was dissolved, Mladost, under their old name, participated in the Third Republic League – Montenegro, and in the Second League of FR Yugoslavia.

Following the 2006 independence of Montenegro, Montenegro's best clubs joined the newly formed First League. As the second-placed team in the Third League, in the summer of 2006, Mladost won through play-offs against Zora Spuž (4–0, 0–2) and the club from Podgorica were among the first 12 participants of newly formed competition.

In the May 2008. after bad results and the last place in the First League table, Mladost was relegated to the Second League, but two years later, Mladost were promoted in the First league again.

During the SFR Yugoslavia and FR Yugoslavia eras, Mladost had 11 titles of champions of Third League – Montenegro. In the same time, Mladost won a few Montenegro Cups, and played in the Yugoslav Cup. Their biggest success in the Yugoslav Cup, came at the season 2001–02 – in the 1/16 finals, they won against Napredak Kruševac, but Mladost were eliminated in 1/8 finals, away against Radnički Obrenovac. Same success, Mladost made in the season 2005–06. In the first phase of Cup of Serbia and Montenegro, Mladost surprisingly won against the First League member Voždovac (2–1), and in the 1/8 finals, club from Podgorica lost in last minutes against most successful Serbian club Crvena Zvezda in Belgrade (1–2).

In September 1997, FK Mladost made a record win in history during a Third League match against FK Iskra Danilovgrad 15–0.

In October 2012, FK Mladost player Luka Rotković scored seven goals in a Cup match against FK Pljevlja (10–1, 1/8 finals)



Yugoslavian period:

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|-bgcolor="#efefef" ! Season ! Name ! Yugoslav League division ! Pos. |- |1954–55 |Mladost Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |2 |- |1955–56 |Mladost Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |6 |- |1956–57 |Mladost Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |4 |- |1957–58 |Mladost Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |7 |- |1958–59 |Mladost Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1959–60 |Mladost Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |16 |- |1960–61 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1961–62 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1962–63 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |9 |- |1963–64 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1964–65 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |2 |- |1965–66 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |2 |- |1966–67 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1967–68 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1968–69 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |7 |- |1969–70 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |7 |- |1970–71 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |9 |- |1971–72 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |5 |- |1972–73 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |8 |- |1973–74 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |16 |- |1974–75 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1975–76 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |18 |- |1976–77 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |2 |- |1977–78 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |3 |- |1978–79 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1979–80 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |13 |- |1980–81 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |12 |- |1981–82 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |14 |- |1982–83 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |17 |- |1983–84 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1984–85 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |16 |- |1985–86 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |3 |- |1986–87 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1987–88 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |16 |- |1988–89 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |13 |- |1989–90 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |17 |- |1990–91 |OFK Titograd |bgcolor=grey|3 |2 |- |1991–92 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=grey|3 |5 |- |1992–93 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=grey|3 |5 |- |1993–94 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=grey|3 |4 |- |1994–95 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=grey|3 |2 |- |1995–96 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=grey|3 |3 |- |1996–97 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |8 |- |1997–98 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |14 |- |1998–99 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=grey|3 |1 |- |1999–00 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |11 |- |2000–01 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |4 |- |2001–02 |Mladost Podgorica |bgcolor=#98bb98|2 |4



Serbo-Montenegrin league (2003–06):

Season SCG league division Final position
2002–03 2nd league - South 4
2003–04 2nd league - South 7
2004–05 First Montenegrin league 10
2005–06 Second Montenegrin league 2


Since reestablishing the independence of Montenegro and foundation of the separate country's top-division league:

Season Montenegrin league division Final position
2006–07 First 9
2007–08 First 12
2008–09 Second 2
2009–10 Second 1
2010–11 First 5
2011–12 First 7
2012–13 First 6
2013–14 First 9
2014–15 First 4 (Cup Winners, 1st title)
2015–16 First 1 (Champions, 1st title)


Stadium "FK Mladost" at Ćemovsko polje is a home of FK Mladost. The stadium was built in 2008. Stadium capacity is 1500 seats, with two all-seated terraces at west side.

Before that, the old stadium of FK Mladost was situated at the Cvijetin Brijeg neighborhood, in the Old Podgorica. For decades, Cvijetin Brijeg stadium didn't meet criteria for matches in Second and Third league, so, during the 1970s, 1980s and most of the 1990s, FK Mladost played the majority of their home matches at the City Stadium in Podgorica.

In 1998, stadium Cvijetin Brijeg was renovated. In that time, it was one of the most modern stadiums in Montenegro, with two all-seated terraces with capacity of 1,340 seats, new pitch, modern locker rooms, restaurant and another facilities. Stadium was opened on August 31, 1998, with the game FK Mladost – FK Cetinje 6–1 (3rd week of Montenegrin Republic League 1998–99).

During decade (1998–08), on the stadium Cvijetin Brijeg, FK Mladost played more than 200 matches in Montenegrin First League, Yugoslav Second League, Montenegrin Republic League, Yugoslav Cup and Montenegrin Cup. Stadium meet all necessary criteria for the First League, so, on Cvijetin Brijeg, few matches played FK Kom in First League of Serbia and Montenegro (2004–05) and FK Budućnost (2006–07).

Club logo

FK Mladost logo is based on old Podgorica (or Titograd) Coat-of-Arms, representing symbols of Podgorica: Monument for fallen fighter with red star, Podgorica fortress and Bridge over Ribnica River, with the name of the club over it. In 2011 club logo was restyled and the club's name is written in Latin script instead of Cyrillic as before.

European record

Season Competition Round Club Home Away Aggregate
2013–14 UEFA Europa League 1Q Hungary Videoton 1–0 1–2 2–2 (a)
2Q Slovakia Senica 2–2 1–0 3–2
3Q Spain Sevilla 1–6 0–3 1–9
2015–16 UEFA Europa League 1Q Azerbaijan Neftchi Baku 1–1 2–2 3–3 (a)
2Q Albania Kukësi 2–4 1–0 3–4
2016–17 UEFA Champions League 2Q Bulgaria Ludogorets Razgrad 0–3 0–2 0–5

Players and Staff

Current squad

As of 13 July 2016 Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Montenegro GK Vojin Pavićević *
4 Montenegro MF Ognjen Stijepović *
5 Montenegro DF Boris Kopitović
6 Montenegro MF Mirko Raičević (C)
7 Montenegro FW Miljan Vlaisavljević
9 Montenegro MF Boris Kopitović
10 Montenegro MF Marko Burzanović *
11 Montenegro MF Milan Đurišić
14 Montenegro DF Ivan Novović
16 Montenegro DF Vuk Martinović
17 Montenegro FW Zoran Petrović
19 Montenegro DF Blažo Igumanović
20 Montenegro DF Vasilije Radenović
21 Montenegro DF Miloš Lakić
No. Position Player
22 Montenegro MF Andrija Kaluđerović
23 Montenegro GK Damir Ljuljanović
24 Slovenia MF David Cvjetičanin
25 Serbia MF Stefan Bukorac
33 Montenegro MF Marko Miličković
52 Montenegro DF Miloš Radulović
77 Montenegro GK Vuk Radović
86 Montenegro FW Bojan Lazarević
94 Montenegro DF Marko Roganović
99 Montenegro MF Luka Petričević
Montenegro MF Jovan Jablan *
Montenegro MF Nebojsa Jovanović *
Montenegro FW Deni Piranić *

U19 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Montenegro GK Vojin Pavićević *
Montenegro GK Stefan Nikezić
Montenegro GK Nikola Bauković
Montenegro DF Nebojsa Scekić
Montenegro DF Stefan Radinović
Montenegro DF Lazar Tomić
Montenegro DF Milos Darmanović
Montenegro DF Luka Rakocević
Montenegro DF Bosko Rasović
Montenegro DF Vukota Zejak
Montenegro DF Nebojsa Cogurić
Montenegro DF Marko Dragaš
Montenegro DF Ivan Aleksić
Montenegro MF Marko Burzanović *
No. Position Player
Montenegro MF Ognjen Stijepović *
Montenegro MF Jovan Jablan *
Montenegro MF Nebojsa Jovanović *
Montenegro MF Marko Milicković
Montenegro MF Mladen Kontić
Montenegro MF Rejhan Dervisević
Montenegro MF Nikola Djukić
Montenegro MF Nikola Mugosa
Montenegro MF Balsa Radonjić
Montenegro FW Deni Piranić *
Montenegro FW Admir Musić
Montenegro FW Esad Metjahić
Montenegro FW Luka Pavicević
Montenegro FW Vukman Masković

Coaching staff

Position Staff
Head coach Montenegro Nikola Rakojević
Assistant coach Montenegro Goran Perišić
Assistant coach Montenegro Radoš Marković
Goalkeeping coach Montenegro Goran Marović
Club doctor Montenegro Nebojša Brnović
Physiotherapist Montenegro Jovan Kuveljić

Notable players

For the list of former and current players with Wikipedia article, please see Category:FK Mladost Podgorica players.

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