F. S. Ashley-Cooper

F.S. Ashley-Cooper

Frederick Samuel Ashley-Cooper (born c. 22 March 1877 in Bermondsey, London; died 31 January 1932 in Milford, near Godalming, Surrey) was a cricket historian and statistician.

According to Wisden, Ashley-Cooper wrote "103 books and pamphlets on the game ... besides a very large amount of matter including 40,000 biographical or obituary notices".[1][2] For more than thirty years he was responsible for "Births and Deaths" and "Cricket Records" in Wisden; between 1887 and 1932 the Records section of the Almanack had grown from two pages to sixty-one pages.[1] Frail and short-sighted, he never played cricket, and seldom watched, but his "total involvement in the game almost precluded every other interest".[3]

His most notable works were:

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