Ezra J. Warner (historian)

Ezra Joseph Warner III (July 4, 1910 May 30, 1974) was a noted historian of the American Civil War. He was born in Lake Forest, Illinois and lived in La Jolla, California where he worked as an investment counselor.[1] He was the son of Ezra J. Warner, Jr. and grandson of Ezra J Warner,[2] who were wholesale grocery business executives in Chicago, Illinois.[3] His father, Ezra J. Warner, Jr., was president & treasurer of wholesale grocery business Sprague, Warner & Company and vice president of the Chicago Orchestral Association.[3] His mother was the former Marion Hall.[3] He married Rosamond Moore in 1932 but his wife is identified on their tombstone as Dorothy P. Warner.[4] He is buried in Lake Forest Cemetery in Lake Forest.[4] His great uncle was Union General James M. Warner.

Ezra J. Warner III is well known for his work in Civil War biography. His works included:


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