Eye (Centaur Publications)

The Eye
Publication information
Publisher Centaur Publications
First appearance Keen Detective Funnies vol. 2 #12
(December 1939)
Created by Frank Thomas
In-story information
Team affiliations The Protectors
Abilities Omnipotence
Heat/X-ray vision
Ability to work miracles

The Eye is a fictional comic book character created by Frank Thomas and published by Centaur Publications. The character had no origin story, and existed only as a giant, floating, disembodied eye, wreathed in a halo of golden light. This powerful being was obsessed with the concept of justice, and existed to encourage average people to do what they could to attain it for themselves. If the obstacles proved too great, the Eye would assist its mortal charges by working miracles. Time and space meant nothing to the Eye and it existed as a physical embodiment of man's inner conscience.

Publishing history

The Eye appeared in the pages of Centaur's Keen Detective Funnies for 16 issues (cover-dated Dec. 1939 - Sept. 1940), in a feature entitled "The Eye Sees". The feature began with the book's 16th issue, and continued until the title folded after its 24th issue (September, 1940). Following its run in Keen Detective, Centaur promoted the Eye to its own book, Detective Eye, which ran for two issues (Nov.-Dec. 1940) before folding as well.

Golden age appearances

The Eye had eleven golden age appearances. They included


In 1987, Michael T. Gilbert included one of the original Centaur Publications Eye stories in the first issue his two-part anthology comic, Mr. Monster's Hi-Shock Schlock.


In 1992, Malibu Comics revived several Centaur heroes — which by that time had lapsed into public domain — as the superhero team the Protectors. A reworked version of the Eye appeared as a supporting character throughout the series' 20-issue run through 1994.[1]


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