Evjemoen was a Norwegian military camp in use from 1912 to 2002. The camp lies south of Evje in Evje og Hornnes municipality in the county of Aust-Agder. From 1953 to 1995 Evjemoen was used as a training area for Infanteriets øvingsavdeling II (IØ2). It was retired in December 2002.


Evjemoen was established in 1912 for the Rogaland Infanteriregiment (IR8) during the First World War. During the Second World War, the Germans occupied and enlarged the camp.


Evjemoen lies in Setesdal about 60 km north of Kristiansand, on the flat plain at the east side of Otra river.


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Coordinates: 58°33′48″N 7°46′54″E / 58.56333°N 7.78167°E / 58.56333; 7.78167

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