Everard I of Breteuil

Everard I of Breteuil (died 12 February 1066), son of Hilduin, Count of Breteuil and Viscount of Chatres, and his wife Emmeline.[1] Everard was the patriarch of the Le Puiset family which produced a large number of participants in the First Crusade. The Le Puisets were closed aligned with the family of Montlhéry through the marriage of his third son Hugh to the daughter of Guy I of Montlhéry.

Everard married Humberge,[1] who may have been the sister of the wife of Hugh Bardoul of Broyes. Evard and Humberge had seven children:

Everard’s descendants would comprise a family, particularly the descendants of Hugh, that was known for its savagery during the Crusades, as reported by Abbot Suger of St. Denis.[2] Everard’s eldest son and namesake, as head of the family, did not take the cross, instead giving up his lands and possessions, entering the abbey of Marmoutier. See also the Houses of Montlhéry and Le Puiset.


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