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This article is about the Italian train service. For high-speed trains between London and Brussels / Paris, see Eurostar. For other uses, see Eurostar (disambiguation).
A former ETR 460 Eurostar Italia trainset

Eurostar Italia was the name given to high-speed trains operated by Trenitalia in Italy. The brand was discontinued and replaced in December 2012.


The category Eurostar, introduced in 1997, replaced the Pendolino trains and had always been for the route connecting Milan to Rome and its extensions. Since 2006 with the opening of the high speed lines the category gradually declined in several subcategories and the original gradually downsized.

In June 2012 the category Eurostar was divided into various subcategories indicating various high-speed services. The new categories created were Frecciarossa for the fastest trains, Frecciargento for the next category of trains and finally Frecciabianca. The final services connecting Rome with Ravenna and Reggio Calabria operated until December 2012.


Various categories used until June 2012 were:

The name Eurostar was used under license from Iveco, which owns the trademark and used the name for one of their trucks. Despite the identical name, there is no relation between this service and the Eurostar railway service that runs through the Channel Tunnel.

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