European United Left (1989–93)

European United Left
European parliamentary group
Name European United Left
English abbr. EUL[1]
French abbr. GUE[2][3]
Formal name Group for the European United Left[4]
Ideology Left-wing politics
From 25 July 1989[5]
To January 1993[6]
Preceded by Communist and Allies Group
Succeeded by European United Left (1994–1995)
Chaired by Luigi Alberto Colajanni[4]
MEP(s) 28 (25 July 1989)

The Group for the European United Left was a left-wing political group with seats in the European Parliament between 1989 and 1993.


The Group for the European United Left[4] (EUL) was formed on 25 July 1989.[5]

It consisted of MEPs from the Danish Socialist People's Party, the Italian Communist Party, the United Left of Spain (including the Spanish Communist Party) and the Greek Synaspismós. It was later joined by the Democratic Left of Ireland's sole MEP.

EUL collapsed in January 1993[6] when the Italian Communist Party dissolved itself to establish the post-communist Democratic Party of the Left, with its MEPs leaving the EUL group to join the Party of European Socialists.[7]



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