European Speedway Club Champions' Cup

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The European Speedway Club Champions' Cup is an annual speedway event held each year in different clubs organized by the European Motorcycle Union (UEM) since 1998.

Previous winners

Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place
1998 Poland Bydgoszcz Poland Polonia Bydgoszcz Czech Republic Olymp Prague Russia Lukoil Oktriabskij
1999 Germany Diedenbergen Poland Polonia Bydgoszcz Germany MSC Diedenbergen Russia Mega-Lada Togliatti
2000 Poland Piła Poland Polonia Piła Russia Lukoil Oktriabskij Germany AC Landshut
2001 Latvia Daugavpils Poland Polonia Bydgoszcz Russia Lukoil Oktriabskij Latvia Lokomotiv Daugavpils
2002 Czech Republic Pardubice Russia Mega-Lada Togliatti Czech Republic Zlata Prilba Pardubice Poland Apator Toruń
2003 Hungary Debrecen Russia Mega-Lada Togliatti Hungary Hajdu Volan Debrecen Slovenia AMTK Ljubljana
2004 Slovenia Ljubljana Poland Włókniarz Częstochowa Russia Mega-Lada Togliatti Slovenia AMTK Ljubljana
2005 Russia Tolyatti Russia Mega-Lada Togliatti Latvia Speedway Centr Daugavpils Russia Russian Reserve Team
2006 Poland Tarnów Poland Unia Tarnów Russia Mega-Lada Togliatti Hungary Simon&Wolf Debrecen
2007 Hungary Miskolc Hungary Speedway Miskolc Poland Atlas Wrocław Russia Mega-Lada Togliatti
2008 Czech Republic Slaný Russia Mega-Lada Togliatti Hungary Simon&Wolf Debrecen Czech Republic AK Slaný
2009 Poland Toruń Ukraine Kaskad Rivne Poland Unibax Toruń Russia Vostok Vladivostok
2010 Hungary Miskolc Russia SK Turbina Balakovo Hungary Speedway Miskolc Poland Falubaz Zielona Góra
Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place

Medals classification

Pos Country Total
1. Poland Poland 10 6 2 2
2. Russia Russia 14 5 4 5
3. Hungary Hungary 5 1 3 1
4. Ukraine Ukraine 1 1
5. Czech Republic Czech Republic 3 2 1
6. Latvia Latvia 2 1 1
Germany Germany 2 1 1
8. Slovenia Slovenia 2 2

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