European Parliament Committee on Fisheries

The Committee on Fisheries (PECH) is a committee of the European Parliament.

FRAGA ESTÉVEZ, Carmen is the Chairman.

Members 2009 -

List of members for the 7th legislature

Members 2004-2009

Member Group Role Country
  Philippe Morillon ALDE Chairman France
  Rosa Miguélez PES Vice-Chairwoman Spain
  Avril Doyle EPP-ED Vice-Chairwoman Ireland
  Elspeth Attwooll ALDE Vice-Chairwoman United Kingdom
  Pedro Guerreiro GUE/NGL Vice-Chairman Portugal
  Jim Allister NI Member United Kingdom
  Stavros Arnaoutakis PES Member Greece
  Marie-Hélène Aubert G–EFA Member France
  Iles Braghetto EPP-ED Member Italy
  Niels Busk ALDE Member Denmark
  Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos PES Member Portugal
  David Casa EPP-ED Member Malta
  Paulo Casaca PES Member Portugal
  Zdzisław Chmielewski EPP-ED Member Poland
  Emanuel Jardim Fernandes PES Member Portugal
  Carmen Fraga Estévez EPP-ED Member Spain
  Duarte Freitas EPP-ED Member Portugal
  Ioannis Gklavakis EPP-ED Member Greece
  Alfred Gomolka EPP-ED Member Germany
  Hélène Goudin ID Member Sweden
  Daniel Hannan ECR Member United Kingdom
  Ian Hudghton G–EFA Member United Kingdom
  Georg Jarzembowski EPP-ED Member Germany
  Heinz Kindermann PES Member Germany
  Willy Meyer Pleite GUE/NGL Member Spain
  Marianne Mikko PES Member Estonia
  Nello Musumeci UEN Member Italy
  Seán Ó Neachtain UEN Member Ireland
  Maria Grazia Pagano PES Member Italy
  Ulrike Rodust PES Member Germany
  Luca Romagnoli NI Member Italy
  Struan Stevenson EPP-ED Member United Kingdom
  Catherine Stihler PES Member United Kingdom
  Margie Sudre EPP-ED Member France
  Daniel Varela Suanzes-Carpegna EPP-ED Member Spain
  Philippe de Villiers ID Member France
  Cornelis Visser EPP-ED Member Netherlands
  Vincenzo Aita GUE/NGL Substitute Member Italy
  Liam Aylward UEN Substitute Member Ireland
  Reimer Böge EPP-ED Substitute Member Germany
  Colm Burke EPP-ED Substitute Member Ireland
  Giorgio Carollo EPP-ED Substitute Member Italy
  Ole Christensen PES Substitute Member Denmark
  Dorette Corbey PES Substitute Member Netherlands
  Paolo Costa ALDE Substitute Member Italy
  Brian Crowley UEN Substitute Member Ireland
  Chris Davies ALDE Substitute Member United Kingdom
  Constantin Dumitriu EPP-ED Substitute Member Romania
  Nigel Farage ID Substitute Member United Kingdom
  Claudio Fava PES Substitute Member Italy
  Béla Glattfelder EPP-ED Substitute Member Hungary
  Ewa Klamt EPP-ED Substitute Member Germany
  Carl Lang NI Substitute Member France
  Eleonora Lo Curto EPP-ED Substitute Member Italy
  Antonio Masip Hidalgo PES Substitute Member Spain
  Jan Mulder ALDE Substitute Member Netherlands
  Josu Ortuondo Larrea ALDE Substitute Member Spain
  Neil Parish EPP-ED Substitute Member United Kingdom
  Teresa Riera PES Substitute Member Spain
  Raül Romeva G–EFA Substitute Member Spain
  María Isabel Salinas PES Substitute Member Spain
  Carl Schlyter G–EFA Substitute Member Sweden
  Czesław Siekierski EPP-ED Substitute Member Poland
  Kathy Sinnott ID Substitute Member Ireland
  Riccardo Ventre EPP-ED Substitute Member Italy
  Tom Wise NI Substitute Member United Kingdom

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