European Hercules

European Hercules
Tournament information
Location Finland, various locations
Established 1990
Final year 1997
Format Multi-event competition
Final champion
Iceland Magnús Ver Magnússon

European Hercules was an annual strongman contest which consisted of international athletes from various countries.[1] The event was held annually in Finland.[1]

Event Placings

Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place
1990 Finland Riku Kiri Finland Ismo Åman Finland Aarre Käpylä
1991 Finland Riku Kiri Iceland Jón Páll Sigmarsson/United Kingdom Jamie Reeves
1992 Finland Riku Kiri Finland Aarre Käpylä/Iceland Magnús Ver Magnússon
1993 Finland Riku Kiri Finland Aarre Käpylä Austria Manfred Hoeberl
1994 Iceland Andrés Guðmundsson Austria Manfred Hoeberl Finland Marko Varalahti
1995 Finland Jouko Ahola Finland Matti Uppa Finland Mika Palsi
1996 Finland Jouko Ahola Finland Hannu Osala United Kingdom Jamie Reeves
1997 Iceland Magnús Ver Magnússon Finland Jouko Ahola Netherlands Berend Veneberg


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