Eugène Schneider

Eugène Schneider
Born 29 March 1805
Bidestroff, Moselle, France
Died 27 November 1875 (1875-11-28) (aged 70)
Paris, France
Occupation Businessman
Children Henri Schneider
Relatives Adolphe Schneider (brother)
Eugène Schneider, II (grandson)

Joseph Eugène Schneider (29 March 1805 – 27 November 1875) was a French industrialist who in 1836 co-founded the Schneider company with his brother Adolphe Schneider.[1]


Schneider was born on 29 March 1805 in Bidestroff, in the départment of Moselle, France.


Schneider obtained a monopoly in supplying arms to the French government, supplied the materials for government-encouraged railway construction and became the president of the Chamber of Deputies, and minister of agriculture and commerce.[2]

He was awarded the Légion d'honneur.


Schneider died on 27 November 1875 in Paris. He was buried in the San Charles church in Le Creusot (Saône-et-Loire).


He is one of the 72 names inscribed on the Eiffel Tower.

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