Eugène Hatin

Eugène Hatin
Born 8 September 1809
Died 16 September 1893(1893-09-16) (aged 84)
Occupation Historian

Eugène Louis Hatin (8 September 1809 – 16 September 1893) was an 19th-century French historian, journalist and bibliographer.


Hatin was educated at the college of his native city and then went to Paris where he devoted himself to various anonymous work of library, while filling the position of proofreader.

The first books he published, on subjects of history and geography, had only a mediocre success and would certainly not have been enough to make his name remembered. In 1846 he published his first work on journalism. His extensive work Histoire politique et littéraire de la presse en France was considered to have no equivalent abroad. His Bibliographie de la presse is a valuable collection abondant with curious information.

Hatin also collaborated with the Dictionnaire des Dates, the Histoire des villes de France, the Complément de l’Encyclopédie du XIXe, etc., and created the first political newspaper to fivee centimes la Seine and, in 1854, the périodical l’Union littéraire later renamed Bulletin des sociétés savantes.

Eugène Hatin was made a chevalier of the Légion d’honneur in 1867.



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