Ethiopian Review

Ethiopian Review is an Ethiopian news and opinion journal published in English and Amharic. Originally in print format, it was discontinued for decades and now appears in online format.


The Ethiopian Review was launched in August 1944 and discontinued in November 1945. Its founding editor was William M. Steen. In 1945, David A. Talbot took over as editor.

It was relaunched in 1991 by Hailu Indashaw, publisher, and Elias Kifle, editor. In 1995, Elias Kifle became publisher, and Elias Wondimu — owner of Tsehai Publishers — became the editor.

Current format

In 2000, Elias Kifle became publisher and editor-in-chief. He also discontinued the print version and turned it into an online journal.

The Ethiopian Review is the largest and the most visited Ethiopian news web site with daily unique readership of 15,000 - 20,000. Before the Ethiopian government banned the web site from being accessed in the country, it had over 40,000 daily unique visitors and over 10 million monthly hits.

The Review's publisher and editor, Elias Kifle, has been convicted of treason by the government in Ethiopia and faces life in prison. He is in the U.S. as a political refugee.[1]

The U.S. Department of State 2008 Human Rights Report states that Ethiopian Review is one of the critical web sites that are banned by the Ethiopian government.


  1. In Ethiopia, terrorism charges against five journalists

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