Errázuriz family

The Errázuriz Family in Chile, was founded by Francisco Javier Errázuriz Larraín born in Aranaz, Navarra, Spain. He came to Chile in 1735.


Aranaz, Navarra, Basque

He was born on February 3, 1711 Aranaz, Navarra, Spain. He was son of Lorenzo de Errázuriz y Vergara and Micaela Larrain y Cordova, both of Navarra. He died in Santiago de Chile, September 8, 1767.[1]

He married in the cathedral church in 1739 with María Loreto de Madariaga, daughter of Official Treasurer of the Royal Treasury of the Kingdom of Chile, Francisco Madariaga and Aris Arrieta. The children of the marriage Errázuriz Madariaga were six women and four men.[2]

Arrival in Chile

In 1733 he came to Lima, Peru and 1735 to Chile by his uncle 'Santiago Larraín', which had been eradicated and was a prosperous merchant overseas. Introduced Errázuriz quickly Santiago society of the time.

His children

i) Francisco Javier de Errázuriz Madariaga born in April 23 of 1744 and married Rosa Martinez and Aldunate Guerrero with whom he had 14 children, of which twelve children reached adulthood. It is the only one who had descent.
ii) María del Carmen de Errázuriz Madariaga born in 1745 and she was married with corregidor Luis Manuel de Zañartu, they had two daughters and both were nuns.
iii) José Antonio de Errázuriz Madariaga born in September 14, 1747, he was priest .
iv) Francisca de Errázuriz Madariaga born in 1748, she died very young.
v) María de Errázuriz Madariaga born in 1749, she died very young
vi) María Dolores de Errázuriz Madariaga born in 1750, she died very young.
vii) Domingo de Errázuriz Madariaga born in 1754, he was priest .
viii) Santiago de Errázuriz Madariaga born in 1755 and married with Juana de Dios de Elzo y Ureta, without succession .
ix) Rosa de Errázuriz Madariaga born in 1756, she was nun .
x) María Loreto de Errázuriz Madariaga born in 1760, she died very young .

Presidents of Chile

This family has the following four presidents of Chile, in chronological order.

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