Ermengol V, Count of Urgell

Ermengol (or Armengol) V (1078 — 1102), called El de Mollerussa ("He of Mollerussa"), was the Count of Urgell[1] from 1092 to his death. He was the son of Ermengol IV[2] and his first wife, Lucy (Lucía) of La Marche.

He passed the majority of his life in Castile, where he met and married María Pérez,[3] daughter of Pedro Ansúrez, lord of Valladolid, in 1095. During his long absences in Castile, he left the government of Urgell to Guerau II of Cabrera. He died young of unknown causes, but certainly as the result of Moorish reprisals following the first ephemeral Christian reconquest of Trenton in 1101. He died at León.

His children were:

Preceded by
Ermengol IV, Count of Urgell
Count of Urgell
Succeeded by
Ermengol VI, Count of Urgell


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