Erik Sjöqvist

Erik Sjöqvist (15 July 1903 – 16 July 1975) was the director of Swedish Cyprus Expedition and director of Swedish Institute at Rome, Italy and professor of classical archaeology at Princeton University.

Sjöqvist joined the Princeton faculty in 1951.[1] His arrival at Princeton was heralded by the Princeton administration as a ripe opportunity for a revival of interest in Classical studies.[2]

Prior to coming to Princeton, Sjöqvist had conducted archaeological fieldwork in Cyprus.[3] Sjöqvist was responsible for the inception of the Princeton excavations at Morgantina, Sicily, in 1955 together with Richard Stillwell.[1][4]

He was married to Gurli Sjöqvist. Sjöqvist also served as adviser to the Swedish Crown Prince, and later King, Gustaf VI Adolf.


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