Erbach, Rheingau

Erbach (Rheingau)
Stadtteil of Eltville

View of Erbach and St. Markus

Coat of arms
Erbach (Rheingau)
Coordinates: 50°1′13″N 8°5′43″E / 50.02028°N 8.09528°E / 50.02028; 8.09528Coordinates: 50°1′13″N 8°5′43″E / 50.02028°N 8.09528°E / 50.02028; 8.09528
Country Germany
State Hesse
Admin. region Darmstadt
District Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis
Town Eltville
  Total 3,400
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 65346
Dialling codes 06123
Vehicle registration RÜD

Erbach is a Stadtteil in Eltville am Rhein, Hesse, Germany. It lies within the Rheingau wine region.

Points of interest

Historic settlement development

Located West of Eltville, Erbach lies at the mouth where the Kissel stream (formerly called Eberbach) flows into the Rhine. The first time the settlement of Erbach is recorded it is under the name “Ever Bach” in the year 1069 in the undated charters of Archbishop Siegfried I. 1060-1072. Archbishop Friedrich of Mainz (937-54) donated the St. Peter pin in Mainz to the church to Eltville with the tithe to Erbach. The name of the village was originally like the Bach Eberbach, and it has been known as Erbach only since 1313. The name probably originated from the name of a monastery in the same district. It was probably during the 12th century that the community developed into its own district. There has been a magistrate Erbach since 1119, and it has been documented that the town hall and the church Siegel have been in existence since since 1429. The detachment from the judicial function of Eltville only took place between 1419 and 1429. Between 1770 and 1816 Erbach seat was one of two Amtsvögte of the Rheingau


The intersection of the Rheingau Chaussee with the Rhine crossing and leading to Eberbach path formed in the center square of the medieval settlement to lay a wreath of larger farms. The growth was based in the 19th century with the new construction of the church and the station first to the east and north. Here emerged industrial plant for fruit processing; the surrounding land were used for growing fruit.

For a long time presented the location between Eltville and Erbach, founded by Eberbach Monastery Draiser yard with associated lands a turning point between the places is, until the land has been taken recently through development to complete and Erbach last together grew by there designated industrial zones practically Eltville, Also in the north is stretched residential areas, starting from the Erbacher Straße (Kühhohl) in 1900, eventually far beyond the railway line. The expansion of modern Rheinuferstraße previously near the shore situated settlement was like the Draiser Court further moved away from the Rhine. Coming from the west, forms unchanged former Manor Castle Reinhardshausen and its grounds, which are optically continue on the opposite situated Rhine island Mariannenaue, the entrance to the resort.

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