Erard II of Chacenay

Erard II (died 16 June 1236) was the Sire de Chacenay (Chassenay) from 1190/1.[1] He was the eldest son of Erard I of Chacenay and Mathilde de Donzy, also known as Félicité.[2]

In 1209 Erard, with the consent of his unnamed wife, confirmed a donation to Basse-Fontaine by a certain Agnete, specified as domina of Chacenay, probably his grandmother Agnes de Brienne. In July 1219 Erard's cousin, Hervé, Count of Nevers, confirmed a donation Erard had made to the Teutonic Knights. Erard took part in the Fifth Crusade (1217), but was back in Europe by 1220.[3] He was a patron of the trouvère Guiot de Dijon.[3] He was buried in the Abbey of Clairvaux.

Erard was the second husband of Emmeline (Emelina) de Broyes (died 1249, before April), widow of Eudes II de Champlitte. They were married in 1205. In 1218 she made a joint donation with her husband to the Abbey of Moutier-la-Celle. Their eldest son, Erard III, succeeded Erard as sire. Their second son, Huet, died on Crusade in 1249. They also had three daughters: Matilda, who married Guy d'Arcis-sur-Aube; Alix, who succeeded her brother as dame; and Joanna, who is only known from the donation of 1218.



  1. His name and title appear in charters as:
    • dominus Erardus de Cachenaio
    • Airardus dominus de Chassenay
    • Erardus dominus Chacenaii
  2. According to some reconstructions of the family's genealogy, he was Erard III and his father Erard II.
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