Spokesperson Rosa Martínez and Juan López de Uralde
Founded 4 June 2011
Preceded by
Headquarters Calle Jiloca, 4
28016 Madrid
Youth wing Red EQUO Joven
Ideology Green politics
National affiliation Unidos Podemos
European affiliation European Green Party (candidate member) [1]
International affiliation Global Greens (member)
European Parliament group Greens–European Free Alliance
Colors Green #0BDA51
Local Government
104 / 67,611
Congress of Deputies
3 / 350

Inside Unidos Podemos[2]

European Parliament (Spanish seats)
1 / 54

In the coalition European Spring

Regional parliaments
5 / 1,278



Equo (also spelled Q, or eQuo) is a Spanish political party founded on 4 June 2011. 35 different Spanish green parties decided to merge into EQUO, making it a historical date for Spanish green politics, an ideology that had always been divided into many parties in Spain. It began as a foundation on 24 September 2010 having as a goal becoming "the seed and source of debate about political ecology and social equity, originating a sociopolitical movement".[4]

The first election it contested was the Spanish general election, 2011, obtaining 915,776 votes (1.9%), making it the 7th most supported party,[5] and the fifth in Madrid,[6] with representation thanks to the Valencian coalition Compromís-Q, in which EQUO participated.[7]

In Catalonia, the European Green Party is represented by Initiative for Catalonia Greens.

At the national elections of 20 December 2015 EQUO participated in the list of Podemos. This resulted in seats for three candidates of EQUO: Juantxo López de Uralde, Rosa Martínez and Jorge Luis Bail.[8]

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