Environmentalist Agrarian Party

Environmentalist Agrarian Party
Leader Agron Duka
Founded 1991
Headquarters Tirana
Ideology Agrarianism[1]
Political position Centre
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
Colours Blue, Red, Green
National Assembly
1 / 140
0 / 61
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The Environmentalist Agrarian Party (Albanian: Partia Agrare Ambientaliste) is an Albanian political party, founded in 1991.[3]

The party was founded by Lufter Xhuveli. Initially the party was known as the Agrarian Party of Albania (Partia Agrare e Shqipërisë), until a name change took place in 2003. It is a reformist party that supports a free market economic system.

In the 1997 elections the party won one of the single-member constituency seats, but none of the proportional seats. In total the party got 0.65%. In the June 2001 elections, it received 2.6% of the vote and three seats in Parliament, Lufter Xhuveli from Zone 125, Ndue Preka from Zone 126 and Refat Dervina from Zone 127.

In the 2003 local elections, the first contested under the new name PAA, the party contested in alliance with the Socialist Party of Albania (PSSH) in some areas. The PAA-PSSH combine won in three municipalities.

In the 2005 parliamentary elections the party received 88,605 votes (6.5%) and 4 seats.

In 1998 Xhuveli became Minister of Agriculture. Under the Majko government he was made Minister for the Environment in February 2002. In 2003 he was replaced during the reforms of Prime Minister Fatos Nano.

On 2016 Xhuveli resigned and the current leader of the party is Agron Duka, a former member and MP of the Republican Party of Albania.


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