Environmental finance

Environmental finance is the use of various financial instruments (usually land trusts and emissions trading) to protect the environment. The field is part of both environmental economics and the conservation movement.

The field of Environmental Finance was first defined by Richard L. Sandor, American economist and entrepreneur, when he taught the first ever Environmental Finance course at Columbia University in the fall of 1992.

Dr. Gretchen Daily, of Stanford University has written a book, The New Economy of Nature that addresses the issue of financing ecosystem services.

Dr. Jürg P. Blum, defined the term environmental finance (Dissertation: Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Corporate Economic Performance..... 1994 at USIU) as a fairly new field, "concerned mainly with finance and investment regarding the ecological environment. The term environment, although frequently used in areas, such as strategic management (Ansoff, 1968), has been popularized throughout literature synonymously with the term ecological environment."

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