Enrico Millo

Enrico Millo (12 February 1865 – 14 June 1930) was an Italian admiral and politician. As a military commander, he led the raid against the Turkish navy in the Dardanelles.[1]


Born in Chiavari, Province of Genoa, in 1884 he was named guardiamarina in 1884. He participated as a navy officer in the campaigns of Italy in the Horn of Africa, and with the rank of Capitano di Vascello he led the raid of 5 Italian torpedo boats against the Turkish fleet on 18 July 1912 during the Italo-Turkish War. After the expedition, Millo was named a senator by king Victor Emanuel III; later he was minister for the navy in the fourth government cabinet headed by Giolitti and in the first headed by Antonio Salandra.

During World War I he held a command post in the Italian navy. After World War I he was named governor of Dalmatia. From 1923 to 1925 he held a managerial position in the company that owned the harbour of Naples.

He died in Rome in 1930.


A submarine in the Cagni class was named after him during World War II.


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