Enno Louis, Prince of East Frisia

Enno Louis
Count of East Frisia
Prince of East Frisia (1654)

Enno Louis, count of East Frisia
Reign 1651–1660
Predecessor Ulrich II
Successor Georg Christian
Born 29 October 1632
Died 4 April 1660
Spouse Juliana Sophia of Barby-Mühlingen
House Cirksena
Father Ulrich II
Mother Juliana of Hesse-Darmstadt

Enno Louis of East Frisia, was count of East Frisia and after 1654 Fürst (Prince) of East Frisia, (29 October 1632 Aurich, 4, April 1660) and the son of Ulrich II and Juliana of Hesse-Darmstadt.


Enno Louis grew up in the Netherlands, France and Switzerland and had an expensive education. At the age of 19 he was appointed Reichshofrat on the court of emperor Ferdinand III. With this the emperor recognised his maturity and governing skills. So he could push aside his mother Juliana of Hesse-Darmstadt and her advisers from the government. In 1651 he became count of East Frisia. Quickly after this he tried and executed the favourite and lover of his mother, the geheimrat Johann von Marenholz. He was executed in Wittmund on July 21, 1651.

He attempted to become Reichsfürst (Prince) and with the help of the East Frisian scholar Hermann Conring and 15,000 guiders he succeeded in this goal in 1654. Although only for himself and without a seat in the Reichstag. His brother George Christian who succeeded him managed to obtain the hereditary title. He was engaged with Henriette Catherine of Nassau but eventually married in 1656 with Juliana Sophia of Barby-Mühlingen. With her he had two daughters, Juliane Louise and Sophie Wilhelmine, who became the third wife of Christian Ulrich I, Duke of Württemberg-Oels. He died in 1660 after a hunting accident. Because he had only daughters he was succeeded by his brother.



Enno Louis, Prince of East Frisia
Born: 29 October 1632 Died: 4 April 1660
Preceded by
as Regent
Count of East Frisia
Succeeded by
George Christian
as Prince of East Frisia

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