Engelbert I of Nassau

Engelbert I of Nassau

Engelbert (kneeling) in Graf monument in the Grote Kerk in Breda
Spouse(s) Johanna van Polanen
Noble family House of Nassau
Father Johan I of Nassau
Mother Margaretha of La Marck
Born c.1370
Died 3 May 1442(1442-05-03) (aged 71–72)
Buried Church of Our Lady in Breda

Engelbert I of Nassau (c.1370, in Dillenburg  3 May 1442, in Breda) was a son of Count Johan I of Nassau and Countess Margaretha of the Marck, daughter of Count Adolph II of the Marck.[1]

Early years

Engelbert of Nassau was a student in Cologne, Germany in 1389 and a dean in Münster from 1399-1404.[2] He became counselor to the Duke of Brabant, first to Anton of Burgundy, and later for his son Jan IV of Brabant. He would later serve Philip the Good.

Marriage and issue

Engelbert's brothers were childless and he left the deanery so he could marry Johanna van Polanen in 1404.[3] They had six children:

Engelbert had an illegitimate daughter with an unknown mistress:

He died May 3, 1442 in Breda. A mausoleum was built for Engelbert in the Church-of-Our-Lady (the Great Church) in Breda. The construction took thirty years, from 1460 to 1490.


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