Emmanuel Hocquard

Emmanuel Hocquard
Born 1940
Language French
Nationality French
Literary movement "Un bureau sur l'Atlantique"

Emmanuel Hocquard (born in 1940 in Cannes) is a French poet.


He grew up in Tangier, Morocco.[1] He served as the editor of the small press Orange Export Ltd. and, with Claude Royet-Journoud, edited two anthologies of new American poets, 21+1: Poètes américains ď aujourďhui (with a corresponding English volume, 21+1 American Poets Today) and 49+1. In 1989, Hocquard founded and directed "Un bureau sur l'Atlantique", an association fostering relations between French and American poets.

Besides poetry, he has written essays, a novel, and translated American and Portuguese poets including Charles Reznikoff, Michael Palmer, Paul Auster, Benjamin Hollander, Antonio Cisneros, and Fernando Pessoa. With the artist Alexandre Delay, he made a video film, Le Voyage à Reykjavik.

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