Emir Mail


Emir Mail is an independent Mail Delivery Service, based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates,[1] working under the licence of Emirates Post.


Emir Mail's services begin with the collection of registered mail from the Emirates Post Hub and processing it through the Emir Mail Sorting/Processing Hub. Each parcel is stamped with a distinct bar code to enable tracking and correct delivery. Emir Mail delivery vehicles are installed with a Geographical Positioning System (GPS), guaranteeing that Emir Mail Hub and its field carriers remain in communication. This also allows real-time vehicle tracking and Fleet Management.


Emir Mail vehicles are considered mobile sorting hubs thanks to the technology invested in them. Emir Mail vans are also used in carrying out mail from Emirates Post to Emir Mail Central hub, wherein mail is sorted and coded, made ready for delivery the following day.

About 80% of recent funding increases have been directed towards refining an automated sorting system.

Track & Trace

In the absence of a postal code system, Emir Mail relies on its Geographical Positioning Systems. Each parcel has a representative bar code that is scanned whenever the mail passes through a designated checkpoint. The bar code monitoring allows delivery certification and travel estimates, and allows the sending of an SMS to the deliveree when the parcel arrives.


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