Emilio Azcárraga Jean

Emilio Azcárraga Jean

Azcárraga in 2008
Born (1968-02-21) 21 February 1968
Mexico City, Mexico
Residence Mexico City, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Alma mater Lakefield College School
Universidad Iberoamericana
Occupation Chairman & CEO of Televisa
Known for Owner of Televisa
Net worth Increase US$2.4 billion (2016)[1]

Emilio Fernando Azcárraga Jean or Emilio Azcarraga III, (Spanish pronunciation: [eˈmiljo asˈkaraɣa ʝin]; born 1968 in Mexico City) is a Mexican businessman and the son of Emilio Azcárraga Milmo[2] and his third wife, Nadine Jean, a French citizen.

He attended Lakefield College School in Ontario, Canada, and Universidad Iberoamericana until fifth semester. He became the CEO of Grupo Televisa at the age of 29, after the death of his father. He is one of the richest businesspersons in Latin America, ranked seventh richest in Mexico and 512th globally with a fortune estimated at $2.3 billion as of March 2011.[3] He is also a Board Member of Univision and Banamex.

Emilio Azcárraga Jean is also the cousin of Gastón Azcárraga, former owner of Mexicana de Aviación. There were three brothers: Raúl, Gastón and Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta. Raúl died without issue and left his portion of Televisa to his brother Emilio. The branch Azcárraga Milmo comes from the original branch of Milmo Vidaurri/Vidaurri Borrego of the Vásquez Borregos.

Azcárraga Jean is widely credited for turning around Televisa into the prosperous company it is today after the death of his father. Azcárraga, together with his close friends and colleagues José Bastón, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and Bernardo Gómez were able to bring Televisa back from a near bankruptcy.

Azcárraga Jean is also a global board member of Endeavor. Endeavor is an international non-profit development organization that finds and supports high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets.


8. Mariano Azcárraga
4. Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta
9. Emilia Vidaurreta
2. Emilio Azcárraga Milmo
20. Patrick Milmo O’Dowd
10. Patricio Milmo Vidaurri
21. María Prudenciana Vidaurri Vidaurri
5. Laura Milmo Hickman
11. Laura Hickman Morales
1. Emilio Azcárraga Jean
3. Nadine Jean

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