Émile de Kératry

Émile de Kératry.

Comte Émile de Kératry (24 March 1832, Paris — 6 April 1904, Paris) was a French politician, soldier and author, the son of Auguste Hilarion (old noble Breton family).

Kératry became deputy for Finistère in 1869, and strongly supported the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. He was in Paris during part of the siege, but escaped in a balloon, and joined Gambetta. He was appointed to raise an "army of Brittany" from the west of France to strike back at the advancing Prussians, but his hastily assembled volunteers were poorly equipped and suffered poor conditions while being prepared for combat at Camp Conlie. As a result Kératry resigned.

In 1871 Thiers appointed him to the prefecture, first of the Haute-Garonne, and subsequently of the Bouches-du-Rhône, but he resigned in the following year.


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