Emil Rameau

Emil Rameau
Born Emil Pulvermacher
(1878-08-13)13 August 1878
Berlin, Germany
Died 9 September 1957(1957-09-09) (aged 79)
Berlin, Germany
Years active 1898-after 1951

Emil Rameau (13 August 1878 – 9 September 1957) was a German film and theatre actor and for many years the vicarious intendant at the Schiller Theater. He appeared in nearly 100 films between 1915 and 1949.

Life and career

After his graduation from Realschule Rameau got an actor. His first role was Marcellus in Julius Caesar in Bydgoszcz. In 1906 he went to the Schiller Theater in Berlin, where Rameau worked with Leopold Jessner. From 1923 until 1931 he was the vicarious intendant at the Schiller theater.[1] He directed some plays at the Volksbühne. Emil Rameau worked also with Max Reinhardt at the Deutsches Theater. Rameau made his film debut in 1915 and appeared regularly in German silent films, mostly in character roles.

After the Nazis took the government in 1933, Rameau eccaped over Suisse, the Netherlands, Italy and Great Britain to the United States. During the Second World War, he had small appearances in over 20 Hollywood movies. Rameau was perhaps most notable as Maestro Guardi, Ingrid Bergmans Italian singing teacher in Gaslight. He made his last film appearance in Hollywood in 1949 and returned to German, where he worked as a stage actor. In 1951, he operated again as the vicarious intendant at the Schiller theatre.[2]

Selected filmography


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