Emil-Edwin Reinert

Emil-Edwin Reinert

Emil-Edwin Reinert during production
of Le destin s'amuse, 1947
Born Emil, Edwin Reinert
16 March 1903
Rava-Ruska, Austria-Hungary
Died 17 October 1953(1953-10-17) (aged 50)
Paris, France
Occupation Film director, screenwriter, producer
Years active 1932–1952
Spouse(s) Irène-Elisabeth Kaeser (1945–53)
Children Jean-Michel Reinert

Emil-Edwin Reinert, or Emile-Edwin Reinert,[1] (16 March 1903 – 17 October 1953) was a French film director, screen writer, audio engineer and producer.

Born in Rava-Ruska, Austria-Hungary in 1903, Reinert directed films in France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Austria as well he directed in co productions, associating different countries : Austria, France, Italy, West Germany, Great Britain and the United States. He died in Paris in 1953.


As director

Short films

Feature films

Certificate of Registration at time of Treachery on the High Seas, London, 1936

As screen writer

As producer and supervisor

Actors and actresses

He directed among others the following actors and actresses:


  1. Most of the information in this article is going to be translated from the French Wikipedia page.
  2. As creative consultant.

Alternate names

Emil E. Reinert, Emile E. Reinert, Émile E Reinert, E. E. Reinert, E.E. Reinert

Further reading

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