Emerik Feješ

Emerik Feješ (1904–1969, Cyrillic: Емерик Фејеш) was a famous Serbian-Hungarian naive art painter. He was born in Osijek in 1904 in the Croatia-Slavonia (Kingdom of Hungary, Austria-Hungary, from 1918 part of the Serb-Croat-Slovene Kingdom) to a poor family of mixed Hungarian-Serbian heritage (original surname of his family was Stefanović / Стефановић[1]). Feješ suffered from asthma and sciatica throughout his life, keeping him bed-ridden. In 1949, he discovered painting and handicrafts, and began his first works.

The subjects of his paintings were cities and their architecture often inspired from postcards. His unorthodox methods would include repainting the image from the postcard and later "revising" it into something more abstract, fantasy-like, and almost childish in nature. His technique was unusual in that he used wooden matchsticks wrapped in thread instead of brushes. He also preferred painting with his cat under his arm.

In 1969 Feješ died in Novi Sad, leaving behind many buttons and combs, and hundreds of pictures that are much admired for their lack of inhibition and universal appeal.


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