Ellen Roosval von Hallwyl

Ellen Roosval von Hallwyl (1867-1952), was a Swedish painter, sculptor and composer.

She was the daughter of Count Walther and Countess Wilhelmina von Hallwyl. She was a student of the Wallinska skolan. She married the courtier and diplomat Henrik de Maré in 1887 and was the mother of Rolf de Maré, founder of the Ballets suédois. After a scandalous divorce in 1906, Ellen remarried the art historian Johnny Roosval the year after.[1] Roosval was twelve years her junior and her son's tutor, which created as scandal in contemporary Sweden.

During the 1920s, she exhibited her sculptures at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées.

She was given the Litteris et Artibus in 1925.


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