Elizabeth of Pomerania

Elizabeth of Pomerania

Elisabeth of Pomerania
Holy Roman Empress
Queen consort of Germany and Bohemia
Tenure 1363–1376
Born 1347
Died 15 April 1393 (aged 45–46)
Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Burial St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic
Spouse Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor
Issue Anne, Queen of England
Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor
John, Duke of Görlitz
Margaret, Burgravine of Nuremberg
House House of Pomerania
Father Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania
Mother Elisabeth of Poland

Elizabeth of Pomerania (c. 1347 15 April 1393) was the fourth and final wife of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and king of Bohemia. Her parents were Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania, and Elisabeth of Poland. Her maternal grandparents were Casimir III, King of Poland, and Aldona of Lithuania.


The marriage of Charles and Elisabeth was held on 21 May 1363 in Kraków, only one year after the death of Charles's third wife Anne of Schweidnitz. The bride was 16 years old, while the groom was 47. Charles married Elisabeth mainly for diplomatic reason, as the marriage helped to break the anti-Czech coalition led by Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria, with Polish and Hungarian kings as participants. On 18 June 1363 in the Bohemian capital Prague, Elisabeth was crowned Queen of Bohemia and 5 years later, on 1 November 1368, she was also crowned empress of the Holy Roman Empire in Rome by Pope Urban V.

She bore eight children J. Fidler, České královny [Queens of Bohemia] (Havlíčkův Brod, 2004):

Queen and Empress

Elisabeth is reputed to have been a very vigorous, self-confident and physically strong person. The relationship between Elisabeth and Charles is described to have been good and harmonious. During the serious illness of Charles in 1371, Elisabeth made a miniature pilgrimage by walking on foot to the cathedral and offering gifts in a prayer to his health. Their good relationship has been portrayed in art, such as in Noc na Karlštejně (A Night at Karlstein). She does not seem to have wielded any political influence, however: she was tormented by the fact that Charles preferred his children from his former marriage, but was unable to change his mind.


After her husband's death at 29 November 1378 in Prague, Elizabeth's stepson Wenceslaus IV, son of Charles's previous wife, ascended the throne. Elisabeth then cared for her own two sons, mainly the older Sigismund, whom she supported in his efforts to become the king of Hungary.

Elisabeth outlived Charles IV by 15 years. She died on 14 February 1393 in Königgrätz Hradec Králové and was buried next to her husband in St. Vitus Cathedral.



Royal titles
Title last held by
Anna von Schweidnitz
Queen consort of Bohemia and Germany
Succeeded by
Joanna of Bavaria
Holy Roman Empress
Title next held by
Barbara of Celje
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