Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer

Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer

Mary Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer (July 26, 1822, London - January 4, 1904[1]) was an English-American writer, both of original works and translations.


She was educated by tutors and at a school in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Early travels also helped educate her.[1] She spent the winter of 1842 in Boston as the guest of the family of George Ticknor, and in that environment received much encouragement of her interest in literature.[2] Her father, Admiral Ralph Randolph Wormeley, of the British navy, a native of Virginia (1785-1852), had for some time preceding his death resided in Boston, Massachusetts, and was grandson, on the mother's side, of Sir John Randolph, attorney general for the Colony of Virginia. Her mother, Caroline Preble,[2] was a niece of Commodore Edward Preble, U. S. Navy. The daughter resided several years in Newport, Rhode Island, and in 1856,[2] after gaining a reputation as a writer, married Randolph Brandt Latimer of Baltimore.[3] From 1856 to 1876, she devoted herself to raising a family. In 1876, she began writing again.[1]


She contributed to magazines, and published:[3]

A number of her works were volumes dealing popularly with contemporary European history:[1][4]

She translated:[1][3]


Translator Katharine Prescott Wormeley is her sister, as is Ariana Randolph Wormeley Curtis (b. October 14, 1835) who wrote a comedy entitled The Coming Woman, or the Spirit of '76 (Boston, 1870), which has been acted in public and private both in the United States and in Europe.[3]


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