Elizabeth Somerset, Countess of Worcester (wife of the 4th Earl)

Elizabeth Somerset, Countess of Worcester, attributed to William Segar.

Elizabeth Hastings, later Countess of Worcester (born before 1556 24 August 1621) was a noblewoman born in Scotland to Francis Hastings, 2nd Earl of Huntingdon and Catherine Pole. In December 1571, she married Sir Edward Somerset, 4th Earl of Worcester, son of Sir William Somerset, 3rd Earl of Worcester and Christian North. Elizabeth had 15 children (eight sons and seven daughters).


  1. Lady Katherine Somerset (born c. 1575) – 30 October 1624) married William Petre
  2. William Somerset (born c. 1576)
  3. Henry Somerset, 1st Marquess of Worcester (born c. 1576 – 18 December 1646) married Anne Russell
  4. Sir Thomas Somerset, 1st Viscount Somerset (born c. 1578) – died 1650) married Helen Barry
  5. Robert Somerset (born c. 1580), married Elizabeth Powell, daughter of Sir William Powell.
  6. Francis Somerset (born c. 1582, Died as an infant)
  7. Lady Blanche Somerset (born c. 1583 – 28 October 1649) married Thomas Arundell, 2nd Baron Arundell of Wardour
  8. Sir Charles Somerset (born c. 1584) married Elizabeth Powell
  9. Lady Margaret Somerset (born c. 1585) married Thomas Windsor, 6th Baron Windsor.
  10. George Somerset (born c. 1586)
  11. Edward Somerset (born c. 1588
  12. Lady Elizabeth Somerset (born c. 1590) married Sir Henry Guilford
  13. Lady Anne Somerset (born c. 1594)
  14. Lady Frances Somerset (born c. 1596) married William Morgan, 1st baronet of Llantarnam.
  15. Lady Mary Somerset (born c. 1598)

Lady Elizabeth is buried next to her husband in the Somerset family chapel in the Church of St Cadoc, Raglan, Monmouthshire.[1]



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