Elisabeth of Lorraine

Not to be confused with Elisabeth Teresa of Lorraine.
Coat of arms of Elisabeth as Electress of Bavaria

Elisabeth of Lorraine (1574–1635), was a Duchess and an Electress consort of Bavaria.

She was a daughter of Charles III, Duke of Lorraine in his marriage to Claude of Valois. On 9 February 1595, in Nancy, she married her cousin Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria. Their marriage was childless due to Elisabeth's sterility, which was a cause of suffering. Her relationship to her spouse was, however, otherwise described as good and harmonious.[1] Elisabeth is described as a very devout Catholic, who spent a lot of her time to her religious duties, and became known for her ascetic life style.[2] As newly married, she was seen as vivid and jolly, but she became more melancholic and depressive by age.[3] Maximilian gave no political influence or tasks to Elisabeth, but she spent a great deal of effort on charity.[4] She died after a long period of illness.

Maximilian married again only a few months after her death.


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Preceded by
Renata of Lorraine
Duchess of Bavaria
Succeeded by
Maria Anna of Austria
Preceded by
Elizabeth Stuart
Electress Palatine
Succeeded by
Maria Anna of Austria
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