Elin Gustavsdotter

Elin Gustavsdotter Sture, (15th century – 1495), was a Swedish noblewoman, consort of the regent Erik Axelsson (Tott).

Elin Gustavsdotter (or Gustafsdotter) was the daughter of the nobleman Gustav Algotsson of the influential Sture family. She was married to Erik Axelsson in September 1466 in a marriage alliance arranged to strengthen Axelsson's position and support within the Swedish nobility; the same year, he was elected Regent by the Swedish nobility. Lady Elin thereby became first lady and took the part of a queen within the Swedish court. In 1467 her spouse resigned his position as Regent in favour of King Charles VIII and became governor of the eastern border provinces in Finland. The couple had no known children.


Litet lexikon över Sveriges regenter" av Lars O. Lagerqvist och Nils Åberg

Elin Gustavsdotter
Born: 15th century Died: 1495
Preceded by
Dorothea of Brandenburg
as Queen consort
Regent consort of Sweden
Succeeded by
Christina Abrahamsdotter
as Queen consort
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