Elia Cmíral

Elia David Cmíral (pronounced ts:mee-rahl; born October 1, 1950)[1][2] is a composer for film, television, and video games. Born in Czechoslovakia, to an actress and a stage director,[3] he emigrated to Sweden, later moving to the United States in 1987. There, he attended the University of Southern California and scored for an independent film entitled Apartment Zero. As a composer, he is best known for his work in the horror and thriller film genres, with notable examples including Ronin, Bones, Stigmata, They, Wrong Turn, Pulse, and Piranha 3DD. He has also composed for the television series Nash Bridges, the first and third entries in the Atlas Shrugged film series; an adaptation of the best-selling Ayn Rand novel of the same name.[4] He has also composed and the award-winning adventure game The Last Express and the third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line. As well as working in Hollywood, he has also composed numerous scores for film made in Sweden and the Czech Republic.



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