Elephant Fury

Elephant Fury
Directed by Harry Piel
Written by Erwin Biswanger
Erwin Kreker
Alexander Lix
Harry Piel
Starring Harry Piel
Hans Zesch-Ballot
Dorothea Wieck
Music by Werner Bochmann
Fritz Wenneis
Cinematography Willi Peter Block
E.W. Fiedler
Karl Puth
Erich Schmidtke
Klaus von Rautenfeld
Edited by Hilde Grebner
Ariel Film
Fabrikation Deutscher Filme
Distributed by UFA
Release dates
13 October 1953
Running time
100 minutes
Country West Germany
Language German

Elephant Fury (German:Gesprengte Gitter) is a 1953 West German drama war film directed by and starring Harry Piel.[1] It also features Herbert A.E. Bohme, Hans Zesch-Ballot and Dorothea Wieck. The film had a troubled production history. Originally made between 1940 and 1943 under the title of Panic, it faced censorship problems. Following the end of the Second World War Piel recovered the negative which had fallen into the hands of the occupying Soviet forces. He re-shot some scenes and the film was eventually released more than a decade after it had first begun shooting.


During the Second World War, an air raid on a zoo leads to the animals escaping across the city.



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