Electric Road

View of Electric Road, looking east, near AIA Tower.
Ngo Wong Temple along Electric Road.
Former clubhouse of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in Electric Road.

Electric Road (Chinese: 電氣道) is a road in the Tin Hau and Quarry Bay areas of Eastern District, near the Hong Kong Island, in Hong Kong. It spans from the Tin Hau area of Causeway Bay, across Fortress Hill of North Point and connects east onto Java Road in North Point.


Electric Road remained unnamed when the Hong Kong Tramway was completed in 1904. In 1913, Hongkong Electric built a new power plant on the new reclamation of North Point to replace the one in Wan Chai. Its operation was delayed until summer 1919 because of World War I. The operation of the power plant spurred the development of North Point. In 1929 after the improvement of the road, it was named 'Electric Road' after the power plant.[1] Before the completion of King's Road, it was the busiest road in North Point.

North Point Power Station was officially decommissioned in 1978. The site is now part of the large scale City Garden housing development.[2]


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