Electoral district of Talbot, Dalhousie and Angelsey

For the lower house seat of the Victorian Legislative Assembly 1856–1859, see Electoral district of Talbot.
Talbot, Dalhousie and Angelsey
VictoriaLegislative Council

Location in Victoria
State Victoria
Created 1851
Abolished 1856
Namesake Counties of Talbot,
Dalhousie and Angelsey
Demographic Rural

The Electoral district of Talbot, Dalhousie and Angelsey was one of the original sixteen electoral districts[1] of the old unicameral Victorian Legislative Council of 1851 to 1856. Victoria being a colony in Australia at the time.

The district's area was defined as consisting of the three central western Victorian counties of Talbot, Dalhousie and Angelsey.[1]

From 1856 onwards, the Victorian parliament consisted of two houses, the Victorian Legislative Council (upper house, consisting of Provinces) and the Victorian Legislative Assembly (lower house).[2]


One member initially, two from the expansion of the Council in 1853.[3]

Member 1 Term
John Pascoe Fawkner Oct 1851[4] – Mar 1856 Member 2 Term
William Mollison Jun[4] 1853 – Mar 1856

Fawkner went on to represent Central Province in the Victorian Legislative Council from November 1856.[5]
Mollison went on to represent Dundas and Follett in the Victorian Legislative Assembly from April 1858.[5]

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(same boundaries as defined in 1851)


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