Electoral district of Rockhampton North

Rockhampton North was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland from 1888 to 1912, and from 1960 to 1992.

It was based on the northern area of Rockhampton. In both incarnations, it was replaced by the district of Keppel.

Rockhampton North was generally a safe seat for the Australian Labor Party. It was one of the eleven seats held by Labor in their "cricket team" caucus after the 1974 election, their worst defeat until 2012.[1]

Members for Rockhampton North

First incarnation (1888–1912)
  Rees Jones 1888–1893
William Harding Independent 1893–1896
James Stewart Labour 1896–1901
Henry Turner Labour 1901
John Linnett Independent 1901–1902
Henry Turner Labour 1902–1907
James Brennan Kidston 1907–1909
Ministerialist 1909–1912
Second incarnation 1960–1992
Merv Thackeray Australian Labor Party 1960–1972
  Independent 1972
Les Yewdale Labor 1972–1989
Robert Schwarten Labor 1989–1992

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