Electoral district of Dundas (Victoria)

VictoriaLegislative Assembly

Dundas. c.1860
State Victoria
Created 1856
Abolished 1976
Namesake Dundas and Follett
Demographic Rural

Dundas (called Dundas and Follett 1856–59)[1] was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Victoria from 1856 to 1976. It covered a region of western Victoria and consisted of the counties of Dundas and Follett.[2]

The district of Dundas and Follett was one of the initial districts created in the first Victorian Legislative Assembly, 1856.[3] It was renamed Dundas from 1859 as a result of the Electoral Act (of December 1858) although it covered the same area as Dundas and Follett previously.[4]

Later its borders were re-arranged somewhat and included the sub-divisions of Harrow, Casterton, Hamilton, Branxholme, Penshurst and Mortlake.[5]


  Charles Griffith 1856–1858
  William Mollison 1858–1864
  George Fairbairn 1864–1865
  John Alexander MacPherson 1866–1878
  John Serjeant 1878–1880
  Charles Myles Officer 1880–1892
  Samuel Samuel 1892–1892
  John Thomson 1892–1900
  Arthur Robinson 1900–1902
  John Thomson Anti-Socialist 1902–1909
  Liberal 1909–1914
  William Kennedy Smith Liberal 1914–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1917
  Bill Slater Labor 1917–1932
  Athol Cooper United Australia 1932–1932
  Bill Slater Labor 1932–1947
  William McDonald Liberal 1947–1952
  Bob McClure Labor 1952–1955
  (Sir) William McDonald Liberal 1955–1970
  Edward Lewis Labor 1970–1973
  Bruce Chamberlain Liberal 1973–1976


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Coordinates: 37°30′S 141°45′E / 37.500°S 141.750°E / -37.500; 141.750

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